When I first came here I was desperate to get over an unrealistic fear. I have found acceptance of my condition and can now go totally forward with NO FEAR or anxiety. I feel positive about all factors of my life. I am excited that the fear is gone and I made that happen, this life I lead is all mine.

– Donna T. Horticulturist

I feel more confident and happy. My husband has remarked that he sees the “old” me again. I am getting compliments regarding my weightloss and my “up” attitude. I feel strong. I am looking forward to my future now. That I can see the positive in it. I feel more in control of my life. I am able, capable, self-confident, self-relient and a forward looking person. Bring it on! I am Ready!

– Mary W. Retired

I am now loving my life! When I started with hypnosis I wasn’t living my life. I was just existing. Since beginning our sessions I am able to accomplish so much more than I ever thought I could. Things that I am now able to do easily with little effort, I am constantly surprised how quickly I was able to accomplish my goals!!

– Megan W. Crisis Worker

Before I came here I was on the diet roller coaster. I knew starting every diet that it would fail. I never really believed that I could do it. I always gave in to the cravings. Since beginning Hypnosis, I’ve changed the way I see myself and am well on my way to the body I deserve. The unhealthy foods that were for many years a staple part of my diet now don’t appeal to me. I am making healthy choices and loving it. I know I’ll make my goal this time!

– Connie W. Rail Traffic Controller

Before coming for Hypnosis I felt defeated. I have learned to have a different mind set. I am learning so much about myself. I feel positive about what I am doing. I have dropped a pant size. I get excited about eating fruits and vegetables. I catch myself from negative thoughts. I feel calm and Happy!

-R. King Retired

I am more relaxed and at peace! Hypnosis has helped me tremendously! Through hypnosis, my battle with anxiety and panic attacks are so much more manageable! Hypnosis has helped me become aware of my sabotaging thoughts and to learn better tools in dealing with times of stress. Since my very first session, I have been living more relaxed and feeling more capable to live the life I want!

– Shana M. Esthetician

I came in skeptical but it has worked for me not only for quitting smoking but shown me what true Relaxation is. I highly Recommend it to anyone who carries worry and wants to Quit Smoking!

– Alan B. Consultant

I used to smoke half a pack a day. Every day I told myself that smoking was helping me feel better but I lied to myself. I thought that I could quit through several methods, on my own and with Zyban. I was not successful because I was not able to challenge my mind. I look forward to getting healthy and fit and most importantly feeling better about myself. Hypnosis has helped me find the beginning to a new path through life.

– Kim M. Administration

FINALLY FREE FROM SMOKING! For years I have tried to quit the nasty habit of smoking. I thought I had tried everything under the sun but nothing worked longer than a couple of weeks. After a couple of sessions, I am now over 3 months without a cigarette! And I have and never felt better! I can honestly say I will never go back to smoking!

– William K. Construction
















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