When I first came here I was desperate to get over an unrealistic fear. I have found acceptance of my condition and can now go totally forward with NO FEAR or anxiety. I feel positive about all factors of my life. I am excited that the fear is gone and I made that happen, this life I lead is all mine.

– Donna T. Horticulturist

I feel more confident and happy. My husband has remarked that he sees the “old” me again. I am getting compliments regarding my weightloss and my “up” attitude. I feel strong. I am looking forward to my future now. That I can see the positive in it. I feel more in control of my life. I am able, capable, self-confident, self-relient and a forward looking person. Bring it on! I am Ready!

– Mary W. Retired

I am now loving my life! When I started with hypnosis I wasn’t living my life. I was just existing. Since beginning our sessions I am able to accomplish so much more than I ever thought I could. Things that I am now able to do easily with little effort, I am constantly surprised how quickly I was able to accomplish my goals!!

– Megan W. Crisis Worker

I can do it. I have changed my lifestyle so that food is no longer my security blanket. I can go out and enjoy the food I like and say no when I am satisfied. Water, exercise and healthy food choices have become a part of my daily life. Making time for myself to enjoy these key things is what has made me succesful. 

– Meagan P. 

I smoked a pack every 2 days, sometimes a pack a day. I thought I needed cigarettes to deal with stress, take breaks and get through tasks. I now realize the cigarettes were not doing anything to help and that it was myself and my ability that allowed me to accomplish what I want/need to get done. I am looking forward to living a healthier more balanced and calm life moving forward. 

Patrick F. – Business Development

My experience with hypnosis has been truly positive. I have regained my self-confidence, been bombarded by numerous job offers even though I am in a stable job and rekindled the romance with my husband of 22 years. The future is much brighter for me and I now have the power of many choices.

Porita P. – Production Supervisor

I find that since I have been coming to hypnosis that I feel much better about myself. Also my eating habits have changed and I have no problems passing up sweets. My goal is to continue with what seems to be working for me. 

Jean C. – Homemaker 

I have finally become a non-smoker. I feel better about myself, not hiding from people to go have a smoke. These past few sessions have made me focus on myself more and inspire me to make myself happier before making others happy. 

Leah-Ann D. – Purchasing 

When I first started the program I was overweight, I was not sleeping well, constantly tired, unfocused, almost depressed. Over the past 5 months, with little changes everyday compounding success I have lost 14 pounds. I have reduced everday stress and now get amazing sleep at night. I have changed my eating and focus on fresh veggies, meats, seeds and nuts. I don’t crave sugary foods. I have amazing energy throughout the day. I take setbacks in stride and focus on the wins. I take time for myself 30 minutes a day and recharge positive changes. I feel amazing and now can put myself where I need to be. 

Cory M. – Professional 

I have tried many diets, counting calories and was successful when I operated perfectly. This was not realistic because I would regain the weight over again. I have learned to be successful by setting goals to eat healthier and exercise everday. I visualize being thin and healthy in the future and know I can get there. I enjoy eating healthy food and exercising. I give myself feedback to keep on track and I encourage myself to increase my activity and enjoy life. And I have lost 10 inches in 6 weeks! 

Colleen N. – Human Resources 

Before I came here I was on the diet roller coaster. I knew starting every diet that it would fail. I never really believed that I could do it. I always gave in to the cravings. Since beginning Hypnosis, I’ve changed the way I see myself and am well on my way to the body I deserve. The unhealthy foods that were for many years a staple part of my diet now don’t appeal to me. I am making healthy choices and loving it. I know I’ll make my goal this time!

– Connie W. Rail Traffic Controller

Before coming for Hypnosis I felt defeated. I have learned to have a different mind set. I am learning so much about myself. I feel positive about what I am doing. I have dropped a pant size. I get excited about eating fruits and vegetables. I catch myself from negative thoughts. I feel calm and Happy!

-R. King Retired

I am more relaxed and at peace! Hypnosis has helped me tremendously! Through hypnosis, my battle with anxiety and panic attacks are so much more manageable! Hypnosis has helped me become aware of my sabotaging thoughts and to learn better tools in dealing with times of stress. Since my very first session, I have been living more relaxed and feeling more capable to live the life I want!

– Shana M. Esthetician

I’m feeling positive about my future, where I am thin, eating healthy food and exercising every day. Making the right choices is getting easier. I sleep better, I can relax faster and life stresses don’t bother me anymore. 

– Joy M. Director of Marketing

I smoked for approximately 10 years. I decided I wanted to live a healthy life but I couldn’t quit smokingon my own. I came here and am amazed how hypnosis really helped me to stop smoking. So far it’s been 8 days now. It has helped my mind set to really strive and not t smoke without having to change a lot of things that I do. 

I recommend this for those who are serious about quitting smoking. 


– George K. 

When I first started here I had trouble sleeping on a daily basis. Academically, I was performing poorly because of the extreme insomnia that I was experiencing. The hypnotherapy helped me to have more control in my life and improved my sleeping habits. As a result, my grades have improved and I have plans for attending university in the upcoming year! 

Lucas L. – Student

Since starting my hypnosis program I have begun to separate my emotions from my eating. I have started to gain back control of how I deal with stressful situations. I am becoming more confident and self-aware. My wedding rings are fitting on my fingers comfortably and my clothes are already looser. I am more excited to get dressed every day. I have learned to recognize old patterns and how to stop them when I do see them. 

Carrie H. – Manager 

Having smoked for 55 years and starting to suffer with my breathing, I needed help. After doing a lot of research on hypnosis I called and made an appointment. I was very skeptical and almost left half way through. I am so glad I didn’t. I am now a non-smoker with no cravings and no regrets. I am 66 and was feeling like 76. After my sessions I now feel like 56 and getting younger each day. 

Jay M. – Consultant

Before I came here I had a drinking problem. But through hypnosis I am now alcohol free and I can concentrate on loosing weight and getting healthy. I am so grateful for all the help. I think, no I know that I will live in a good and healthy way. 

H. Behnecke – Housewife 

I lost 14″ so far, the diabetes clinic is very impressed with my blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels. I am eating healthy and moving my body. I see a major difference. 

Adele – Housewife

I came in skeptical but it has worked for me not only for quitting smoking but shown me what true Relaxation is. I highly Recommend it to anyone who carries worry and wants to Quit Smoking!

– Alan B. Consultant

I used to smoke half a pack a day. Every day I told myself that smoking was helping me feel better but I lied to myself. I thought that I could quit through several methods, on my own and with Zyban. I was not successful because I was not able to challenge my mind. I look forward to getting healthy and fit and most importantly feeling better about myself. Hypnosis has helped me find the beginning to a new path through life.

– Kim M. Administration

FINALLY FREE FROM SMOKING! For years I have tried to quit the nasty habit of smoking. I thought I had tried everything under the sun but nothing worked longer than a couple of weeks. After a couple of sessions, I am now over 3 months without a cigarette! And I have and never felt better! I can honestly say I will never go back to smoking!

– William K. Construction

Before I started this program I would sit and watch t.v. and snack with very little exercising but since following this program I have become more physically active, more confident and positive. I am also much more relaxed because I take the time each day to self-hypnotize and reassure myself regarding my goals. 

– Lorrie S. Education Assistant

It’s been one week smoke free, which is the reason I came here. I have also gained a more calm and positive outlook. If you are willing to do what these lovely ladies suggest you can do it too and be successful. It is what you put into it. So keep positive and you will gain a positive outcome. 


Dawnette G. – Assistant

Truly the Best thing I have ever done for myself. I came here insecure and lacking confidence. I have improved 100% with the help and guidance. I recommend anyone to come here for any issues from smoking to building up your confidence. I am working out, sleeping better, not worrying like I did. Friends and family have also noticed a change in me. Thank you all for your help! Great Experience! 

Christine T. 

From this experience I have gained an overall more positive outlook on life and my ability to make changes all on my own without second guessing myself. I now know that I have the power to live my life exactly as I want and that each small step I take towards reaching my weightloss goals makes a huge impact on my life. Before I couldn’t picture myself ever being thinner or happy but now I can see my future as being full of endless possibilities. Since I have started the program I have gained lots more confidence, I exercise 5 days a week and best of all my clothes keep getting looser and losser! 

Oksana H. – Supply Teacher

I have been a smoker of 2 packs a week for 30 years. Quitting has alwasy been overwhelming and never successful. With the techniques learned here I feel confident that not only am I done with smoking but that I have the tools to help accomplish any goal I set for myself. This has been a very positive experience and I am excited to move on in a healthy manner. Looking forward to getting in shape next. 

Anna P. – Business Owner

When I first came here I was feeling insecure and suffering from a bad relationship. Through the process I learned how to feel more secure with myslef and why  was having such a difficult time with my emotions. I learned that it was not the relationship I was missing but the feeling of security it provided. I discovered I could find that security on my own and did not need someone else to provide it.

I feel sure I can go out into the world and find all the things I need on my own. I also have lost 65 pounds and stopped biting my finger nails from stress.

Kevin R. – I.T.

Before I came for hypnosis I was feeling overweight and tired. I had no energy level, I would eat snacks all the time and drink pop with no control at all. If I was bored I would eat with the help of hypnosis I have lost 12 lbs and 13″. I now eating healthy foods and enjoy them much more. I feel confident how I look and feel. I excercise more and I feel better playing hockey with an increased energy level. I have lost 12 lbs in 6 weeks. 

Rick C. – Warehouse Team Leader 

When I started the program, I was unsure of how the hypnosis will help. However, I quickly noticed changes in the way I eat and think about food. I am more self-conscious of my food decisions. Even my snaking habits have more thought behind them now. I constantly think of ways that I can move my body enve while going about my daily chores. I feel better about myself and I try to pass that on to other family members. I feel more confident in my ability to reach my goals. I have lost 10 lbs and I feel that I can continue this process and succeed in my ultimate goals in life. 

Nevin B. – Pharmacist 















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