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We have all experienced feeling too much of it at some point. And for a lot of us we may not know how to deal with these overwhelming times in a healthy way. This can lead to other problems in our lives. You may notice that you are unmotivated or that you have low energy. Maybe you are getting very irritable at little issues. Perhaps you are eating a lot more or a lot less because of the stress you are experienceing. Or maybe you have even started to get headaches, migraines or other bodily aches and pains. There are many signs that your external world is causing a lot of pressure, sometimes too much pressure and it’s important for you to know how to handle this pressure the best way possible.

That’s where Hypnosis can help you!

At Kitchener Hypnosis we understand that having overwhelming Stress can take away from enjoying your life fully. By having the one on one attention and having customized programs, we can help you to finally have healthy tools in managing big and small stresses. Allowing you to feel free and positive focusing more on what really matters to you. We can help you to enjoy your day to day life by using safe, natural and effective tools that can be used in every area of your life.

When I came here I was terrified of snakes. In fact, I was afraid to see one in a kids movie, a fake one in a toy store, afraid to go for a hike anything about snakes. Even conversations would make me uncomfortable. I have found that coming here has helped to know that I can control these feelings, that there are different things I can do to make me feel safe and in control on my feelings and reactions. I have found that even when I have a nightmare involving snakes that I am able to wake up and feel safe and okay to move my thoughts somewhere else. It has helped me with my marriage and in life to realize that I can make things calmer.

Cathy G.


Before doing the hypnosis program I was terrified of wasps and hornets. Just a few weeks before the program, it was getting to the point where I could barely go outside withough sweating and feeling tense and stressed out. During the program I found that I got progressively more confident and stress free outside and around wasps and hornets. Now at the end of the program  feel way more confident around wasps and hornets and I can really enjoy being outside.

Daniel N.


I came to the Hypnosis Center for my anxiety related to flying and being a passenger in a car. After my sessions I now feel I have the tools that I can use to reduce stress not only with flying and travel by in other areas of my life. I am feeling confident and excited about traveling to distant places for work and pleasure.

Tracey S.

Nurse Manager


When I first came here I was desperate to get over an unrealistic fear. I have found acceptance of my condition and can how go totally forward with No Fear or anxiety. I feel positive about all facts of life. I am excited that the fear is gone and I made that happen, the life I lead is all mine.

Donna L.T.



I feel more confident and happy. My husband has remarked that he sees the “old” me again. I am getting compliments regarding my weightloss and “up” attitude. I feel strong. I am looking forward to my future now that I can see the positive in it. I feel more in control of my life. I am able, capable, self-confident, self-relient and forward looking person.

Bring it on – I am ready!

M.P. Watson



I had been struggling with stress for most of my life and it was starting to
affect my personal life as well as my work life in a lot of ways. I came to
Kitchener Hypnosis because I didn’t know where to start. After only a few
sessions I can see a major positive shift in the way I look at the things that
used to cause me stress. I feel now that I have the choice and control in
how I handle things!

Mark K. Waterloo, ON


Since starting hypnotherapy I have noticed positive changes in my outlook. My negative thoughts come less often and when they do they are followed by counteractive thoughts. The techniques I’m learning with Tamara are helping me stay in control of my emotions and reactions. I am able to accomplish much more in a day than before I started. I feel motivated to do things that are good for me. My sense of hopelessness and being overwhelmed has been replaced by a sense of calm.

Sarah G.

Student, Waterloo, ON

I have been going to Kitchener Hypnosis once a week
to battle my overwhelming stress and it has been a tremendous help! Tamara’s patient, soft voice and suggestions have helped me to manage my thoughts and breathing during high stressful times. Since our very first session I have been living a more relaxed life with more peace. I am so thankful to have found this service and to continue sessions as I need them for every challenge I may face. I recommend Kitchener
Hypnosis to everyone and anyone needing some guidance!

Shana M. - Esthetician - Cobourg, ON

I came about weight/attractiveness issues with myself and others. After some time I have begun to notice different attitudes and emotions and how powerful the mind is. I am learning to love myself and others and to really know that it all starts with you. What you think goes into your behaviour. Feed your brain love, life, positivity etc. and the rest will follow. Always remember to practice! Walk with confidence, be that confident.

Lacie W.

McDonalds Employee

My son and I both enjoyed the time we spent with Tamara! For myself it was an eye opening experience, exposing myself to somethingI had not really thought would work in the past. We did our sessions around self-confidence and going after my goals and career. I have definitely made positive progress in my home training business. Signing new clients and not procrastinating to get things done!

With my son I came to Tamara as he was having trouble knowing how to handle his emotions and what to do with them. He has made huge leaps in positive, proactive behaviours when feelings of anger, anxiety and sadness come up. Instead of acting out he is more controlled and talks through it or just takes time to reflect instead of acting out physically or breaking downto tears. Amazing Progress!

Michelle B.

Personal Trainer

I came to hypnosis to make changes in my life that I wanted but was unable to achieve. In particular, I could not seem to make a decision and know it was the right one. I would seek opinions of others and allow someone else to decide what was best.

I wanted to be in control and to know inside what I truly desired. Hypnosis has been an enlightening tool that has taken me step by step to this goal.

Rick B.



I came to the centre with nervousness and anxiety to do presentations.

I have realized how much self doubt I had. I have the tools I need to instill confidence in myself and anchor my thoughts and take that nervous energy away.

The focus on my life has expanded to my whole family and making it the way I want it to be.

Erika T.B.

Project Management

I came here as I lost all my confidence in golfing. With my sessions it made me stay focused, keep positive thoughts and relax. I use the video before my game and when I play, I keep this positive voice in my head. Thank you for giving me this and helping me enjoy the game again.

Kathleen P.



When I first started my sessions I was anxious and stressed about things in life, which looking back now were not a big deal and I shouldn’t have been so affected by them. I look at things in a much more positive view and think first abou how to approach the situation to help make it stress free for me. I do feel like these sessions have improved my life.

Rob P.

Engineer, Kitchener, ON




Most Frequent Question - Customer

Does hypnosis work for stress and anxiety?

Research has shown that hypnotherapy can help relieve stress, fear, and anxiety. It can also be used to help in coping with the symptoms of panic disorder. ... For example, once the hypnotist has helped the client become relaxed, he may ask the person to focus on their panic attacks.

Can hypnosis cure anxiety?

Hypnotherapy should be used as a complementary treatment to cognitive behavioral therapy. However, if you only use hypnosis to treat your anxiety, it could have effects similar to those of meditation. ... You can then use this state to address anxieties and phobias.

Is Hypnosis good for anxiety and depression?

Researchers have studied whether hypnosis can treat a variety of medical conditions, from irritable bowel syndrome to anxiety and depression. ... In the case of depression, hypnotherapy sessions may be focused on helping a person achieve a state of relaxation.

What are the advantages of hypnosis?

It can improve the success of other treatments for several conditions such as: Phobias, fears, and anxiety. Sleep disorders. Depression.

Can hypnosis help with stress?

Hypnosis can be used for stress management in two ways. First, you can use hypnosis to get into a deeply relaxed state, fighting tension and triggering your relaxation response. This will help to prevent health problems due to chronic stress.


We provide a 30-40 minute FREE screening. It’s interesting and enlightening. We will give you an in depth and truthful explanation of hypnosis and assess your situation. If we do not believe hypnosis will benefit you, we will tell you so.